More efficient wind park development with new digital platform

The working day has become easier for Peab after they started using the collaboration platform Gemini Connected. 

Gemini Connected is a cloud solution that makes it possible to gather all project data in one place. Peab in Sweden has relatively recently started using the platform in connection with both a road- and a windmill project. 

“Now we have all project data gathered in one place. This means that we save a lot of time and energy looking for files and e-mailing them to each other. The work flow has become more efficient,” says Daniel Sjølund, surveying manager in Peab. 

Less errors and misunderstandings

Software from Powel Construction has long been a market leader when it comes to infrastructure projects in Norway. In 2015, several large contractors in Sweden also started using the 3D tool Gemini Terrain (Gemini Terreng). Terrain is used for planning and completion of road, bridge and tunnel developments, to name a few. Peab has now also started using Gemini Connected. 

“If one of us makes an update in the model, this is automatically made available for everyone in the project through Connected,” explains Sjølund. “This means that we no longer have people working in the wrong version of the project model, which could happen before. People would upload the wrong model and work in that one.”

Cooperation across borders 

Another advantage that Sjølund highlights is that knowledge sharing and cooperation across projects is made easier. 

“I am now able to work on several projects simultaneously, without travelling around. My place of work is in Sundsvall, Sweden, whereas many of our projects are in other locations in Sweden,” says the surveying manager. 

Collaborations are also happening across borders. At Hitra, an island in the Trøndelag region of Norway, Peab is currently in the process of constructing a large wind park. Right now, they are doing the groundwork, but later on 26 new windmills, each with a height of 85 metres and a wing span of 117 metres, will be lifted into place. 

“This is a very exciting project. A lot of the work involves sending updated models to machine control whilst also measuring in the completed work,” says Børge Herefoss, surveying manager in Peab. 

Bigger potential than today 

Another surveyor also works at the project at Hitra and he commutes from Sweden. Using Gemini Connected ensures the communication between them is easier. 

“The greatest advantage for us is that we work in the same project and that the models are always updated. We normally work at different locations within the site and we are not always working at the same time. Using Gemini Connected makes it easier to work together more efficiently,” states Herefoss. 

He says that so far, only the surveyors are using Connected for the Hitra project. Long-term, he envisions that all the various groups in a project can make use of the collaboration platform. 

“We could probably make more use of Connected than we are today, but we have to start somewhere. My experience has been very positive, so I think this is the future,” he says with a smile.