Invests in distribution market of the future

KONSTANT Net has invested in innovative software solutions from Norway so they can deal with more contractors and ever-stricter requirements for security of supply. 

KONSTANT Net has around 220,000 power customers in the Aarhus and Horsens area in Denmark, and is software provider Powel’s way into the Danish market.

“We are very pleased to have signed up KONSTANT Net. They will be our first customer in Denmark using our Elsmart and UtilityFlow software, and we look forward to an exciting partnership,” says Richard Schytte, Director of Sales in Asset Performance.

The importance of delivering on time

A distribution company’s main job is to operate, monitor, maintain and expand the consumer power supply grid. UtilityFlow is a project and management solution for planning and monitoring technical projects and work orders, while the Elsmart product purchases solution acts as a toolbox for ordering and reporting jobs from electrical and earthworks contractors.

“It’s important for us to work efficiently and deliver on time. We have high hopes that both Elsmart and UtilityFlow will help us with exactly that,” says Peter Thomsen, Head of Grid Connectivity and Documentation at KONSTANT Net A/S. He continues:

“We want to be a market leader, so we have to be good at choosing the right digital tools. We are the first Danish company to choose to adopt these systems, which is very exciting. We look forward to achieving the expected results when we take the programs live,” says Thomsen.

KONSTANT has been a Powel customer for over 15 years and therefore knows Powel inside and out. But even though the two companies have a long-standing relationship, extensive due diligence work was completed prior to signing the contract.

Ståle Nilsen from Powel goes through work processes using UtilityFlow during a workshop with KONSTANT Net in January.

Visit to Agder Energi

Powel demonstrated its solutions first, which sparked interest at KONSTANT. A site visit to Agder Energi Nett in Norway convinced the distribution company to continue its dialogue with Powel on a potential contract. Powel is now working in partnership with the Danish firm to customise the software, which includes translating from Norwegian to Danish. 

“The solutions should be in production before 1 September 2019. We hope and believe that this will give KONSTANT Net a boost, both in terms of security of supply and efficient project execution,” says Michael Egholm, Powel Project Manager. 

Efficient process management

KONSTANT Net will be dealing with multiple contractors going forward, which increases the importance of efficient job and project execution. The distribution company believes they have great improvement potential in this particular area. 

“We have experience in outsourcing jobs and projects. We look forward to achieving a better distribution of jobs between our external partners in the future,” says Thomsen.

The business processes of the Danish distribution company are supported by the software solutions, ensuring consistent project execution.

“Our aim is to fulfil supply quality requirements through targeted checklists from the contractor’s quality controls via online and mobile applications. We are looking forward to using the software. We’re also looking forward to getting even better oversight of our job and project portfolio,” concludes Peter Thomsen.