Mobile information helps you work smarter

Installers are among the most mobile workers. Their place of work can be in the forest, in the mountains or in the city. Tasks range from repairing critical faults to planned maintenance. As consumers, we expect the installer to do his job without spending time gathering information and documentation.

Tablets bring new opportunities

Most people would agree there are many benefits to improving the working processes of the installers. Several grid operators have already started using tablets to handle their assignments, and they are seeing the benefits. All information about the assignment is available both to the installer and the project leader. Furthermore, once the tablet is out in the field, it is easy to find new ways of working more efficiently. Behind the development of the solution, is a wish to spend less time travelling while still having high quality data. This solution achieves this, giving the installer a pocket-sized NIS system.

Meeting the need for information out in the field

Out in the field, the installer has both the need for information about the grid and a map that gives an overview. In addition, many wish to document changes and discrepancies as they are discovered. Through a strategic project in 2012, Powel cooperated with Nettpartner and Hafslund to develop a prototype for accessibility to NIS data out in the field. The experiences from the project were positive and Hafslund has since bought the solution for all its internal installers. Testing shows that assignments are completed more efficiently when the installer has all the grid information to hand. It is no longer necessary to go back to the office to reference updated maps and to see what the grid status is. The solution helps installers work more efficiently,efficiently and estimates show that within a year the initial investment will have been recuperated through higher efficiency.

Underway with iAM Editor

Hafslund’s implementation of Powel’s iAM Editor has been a success, and the solution has alsohas been bought by other companies. Hafslund expects to have more than 300 internal and external installers using this solution. Powel iAM Editor helps grid operators realise their strategic goals for efficiency. Next time you see a Hafslund car, do not be surprised if it has a grid information system in its tool box!