Automatically collect meter data from virtually any utility meter, terminal and concentrator for your smart metering, AMM/AMR applications.

More choice, better value

Choosing the right smart meters for your network is no easy task. Having flexibility and an open architecture in your system choice is the best protection against future changes.

You need to manage the entire operation, from data collection and validation of meter data to exception handling and enabling of events and alarms. Our smart metering platform allows you to manage any type of meter or communication technology through the same platform, streamlining automated processes and services.

Collect energy, gas, water, and district heating/cooling data from smart meters and other smart grid sensors using our vendor- independent solutions. Support data collection from different utility meters, sub meters and other communication devices using communication technologies including PSTN, LAN/WAN, GSM, TCP/IP, M-bus, radio, GPRS and PLC.

Built with an open architecture, Powel’s advanced head-end system provides the flexibility for scalability you need to select any kind of meter, sub-meter or communication type in a single application for AMM/AMR.

Key features


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