Handling large-scale smart metering systems requires real-time validation of collected data, estimation, analysis, balance reports, and export of data for billing purposes.

Real-time validation

Your customers depend on you to provide accurate energy usage and billing information. Your reputation depends on accurate and timely validation and estimation of missing values for customer service and balance settlement.

You need a system that provides accuracy, flexibility and scalability to meet your future needs. Our solutions help you manage data validation through customised validation rules for collected values. You automatically receive alarms if values are missing, exceed or are less than set limits, are unverified by the meter, are negative values, or if there are indications of running meters.

You can then use our system to set up estimation rules to estimate missing values. Rules are available for correction of single values, interpolatation of single values, substitute estimation, profile estimation and linear interpolation.

Net meters can help you balance energy that is both produced and consumed in the grid. You can use our systems to make net balance calculations based on predefined rules using imported topology information from your geospatial information system.

Key features

Flexible rules to suit your needs for data processing and ensuring data quality include:

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