Maintenance and replacement

Register maintenance needs online from the field, set up maintenance plans and work packages, analyse risk, calculate costs, and manage your work orders.

Know your weak spots

To stay strong and alert, you must know your weak spots. An investment in maintenance and replacement strategies is an investment in future income, robustness, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) and customer satisfaction.

Critical infrastructures are complex, and often subject to high stress levels, challenging environments and extreme weather conditions. Yet, we are able to predict these factors and process them to trigger cost- and risk-based maintenance plans.

Our trade experts incorporate your business strategy and best practices into an automated maintenance solution, using your existing infrastructure asset data. Based on this information, the system recommends when and where to initiate actions. Simultaneously, your field operators are able to feed the system directly with updated asset condition data from online tablets, to trigger both future and immediate actions. 

No matter your maintenance needs and strategies, we help you incorporate and automate them, and ensure that all stakeholders in your organisation make smart and consistent decisions.

Key Features

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