Day Ahead Operations

Increase your profit in the spot and ancillary services markets.

Participate in the day-ahead markets

Bidding and delivering in the day-ahead market is your most important activity during the day. The day-ahead market requires your most effort and generates the most income.

Your planning and bidding in the daily spot and ancillary services markets prepares the production for the following day. All these markets are linked together: Bidding in the ancillary services markets depends on how you plan to fulfill your spot contract, which again depends on the spot bid. The spot bid depends on available production capacity, expected prices and your own production costs. This information may change continuously right up to market closing time. Finally, day-after market actions depend on both day- ahead and balancing market prices.

Our solution supports the total process from data collection, forecasting and planning to bidding, contract fulfillment and settlement. It enables you to work within a seamless process in a confident, efficient and optimised way.

Key features

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