Take full control by working in an interdisciplinary modelling environment that integrates design and documentation processes.

Make your project easier with integrated solutions

Increased use of projected 3D models in all phases places large demands on the software. Our range of solutions enable efficient use of all models throughout the project, from planning to execution.

Our efficient and powerful solutions for projecting and planning work equally well for large and small technical infrastructure. Flexibility is important to us, and we support the complex daily life of our users.

With automatic functions for road, water and wastewater, crossings and roundabouts, you create a visual and exact model of the future situation.

3D projecting of building pits gives unimagined possibilities. It enables you to project plots for residential development or cutting of tunnels, whilst having full overview of mass, driving and surveying data throughout.

Key features

  • Construction and delivery of regulation plans according to relevant standards.
  • Full data flow in all stages.
  • User-friendly projecting of road, water and wastewater, construction sites and tunnels.
  • Exceptional data flow from projecting to construction.