Romande Energie is successfully using Powel optimisation

The Swiss utility Romande Energie optimises a complex watercourse thanks to the software company Powel. In order to extract the entire value from Powel’s solution, Romande Energie is now extending the optimisation model with additional power plants.

«Powel is a leader when it comes to optimising complex watercourses taking care of all parameters, restrictions and volatile inflow forecasts like L’Orbe watercourse of Romande Energie»,says Julien Voegtli, Portfolio Manager at Romande Energie. «Thanks to the transparency offered by Powel software, our users and management trust the optimisation results. It also offers a lot of flexibility in modelling, configuration of calculations and reports».

Romande Energie and Powel are very satisfied with their collaboration, which started in September 2018. The project consisted of a stochastic medium- and deterministic short term optimisation of the complex Orbe watercourse of Romande Energie. The optimisation reached the goals allowing the extraction of flexibility of the asset,  creating the optimal plan for the power plants , providing optimal inputs for production hedging and is opening the way to price dependent bids to sell the energy.

Romande Energie office

«The optimisation will allow us to increase the revenues of our power plants, thanks to the optimal usage of the water resource”,says Jean Marc Ramuz, Head of Energy Procurement and Portfolio Management at Romande Energie. «In addition, with Powel tools we have the possibility to price better the value of our energy».

Romande Energie is a utility in the French speaking part of Switzerland, active on the entire energy value chain: production, distribution and retail. Their headquarters are in Morges, in the Canton of Vaud. Regarding energy production Romande Energie has a mixed portfolio of hydro-, biomass- and solar power. 

«This success is very important for Powel, showing that also medium size utilities get in a short time horizon the value and the return from Powel software solutions»,says Tom Darell, Executive Vice President of Powel. «The collaboration and communication with Romande Energie has been very good and we are very happy of having them in the large community of Powel users».