Vattenfall Energy Trading powers up with Powel DeltaXE

Powel AG Switzerland, a leader in developing trading and logistics solutions for energy companies, announces that Vattenfall Energy Trading (Vattenfall) has successfully deployed its DeltaXE solution to support their three trading desks in handling balance groups for all of its power markets. DeltaXE’s deployment by Vattenfall demonstrates its power, flexibility and maturity as a leading solution in the market. 

“DeltaXE is a very flexible solution with a high degree of automation for scheduling to the TSOs,” reports Mr. Hartmuth Fenn, Director Intraday, Market Access and Dispatch Control, Vattenfall.

Vattenfall is using DeltaXE on all three desks (Hamburg logistics, Hamburg intraday and Amsterdam) to handle its balance groups and markets.  The entire position handling and nominations with TSO’s for own and third party balance groups are handled in DeltaXE. Schedules are submitted manually or automatically, and response messages are received automatically. The status of the scheduling processes is shown in a cockpit across all these markets. The solution also provides flexible position overviews to monitor both their own and customers’ positions in these markets. The high degree of automation and ease of integration of the DeltaXE solution has benefitted Vattenfall in several ways:

“Vattenfall’s use of DeltaXE demonstrates that the solution is both mature and ready out-of-the-box to solve any energy company’s logistics issues within a pan-European context,” says Josef Janssen, General Manager of Powel AG. “The solution offers significant benefits in terms of cost reduction and automation.”


About Powel
Powel AS, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business-critical software solutions and related services specifically designed to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality. The company is a market leader in software for generation, trading and logistics, smart metering, grid maintenance, and water management solutions, with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Turkey and Switzerland. Founded in 1996, Powel AS is a privately held company with more than 380 employees.


About Vattenfall
Vattenfall is a Swedish owned energy company with operations in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, UK and Finland. Vattenfall’s vision is to create a strong and diversified European energy portfolio and to be among the leaders in developing an environmentally sustainable energy system.