Spending the summer with Powel

With diverse academic backgrounds and hailing from different countries, this year’s summer students have arrived at Powel in Trondheim, and we are excited to see what they will achieve.

Powel has a long tradition of offering summer jobs to students, and this year, a dynamic mix of students from Norway, Sweden, Poland and the USA is spending some of their summer with us. Out of around 100 applicants, the final 23 were selected based on a mix of personal and academic attributes.  

They will be working with us in our offices in Trondheim, Stockholm, Oslo and Gdansk for six weeks over the summer.

For the first time, some of the students will get the opportunity to see our business from two different offices, as a few groups will be spending half their time in Trondheim and half their time in one of Powel’s other offices.

Powel works closely with universities throughout the year, offering students various opportunities within the organisation, such as opportunities to cooperate with us on MA and PHD projects.

“We always try to maintain an approach that is a bit different and creative,” says CEO Bård Benum. “Our summer students are from different fields of studies, and we also encourage first and second year student to apply, something that is fairly uncommon.”

This year, there are students doing degrees ranging from Nanotechnology, Industrial Economics, Engineering Physics, Power Engineering and Marketing, to name a few. They will be working in teams regardless of year and field of study, and collaborate on problem solving, strategic planning, and design building.

Working within our Operations, Smart Infrastructure, Strategy & Technology, and Smart Generation, all groups have been given projects designed to be real, practical and educational.

Powel’s summer internship lasts six weeks.

*Details of the 2016 summer internship will be announced in the autumn.*