Powel wins contract for Uniper’s short term power business across several European markets

Powel has been awarded contracts for the short term power business by Uniper in cooperation with E.ON Business Services (EBS). The contracts cover power optimisation and nomination across several markets for Uniper’s future business functions within in the day-ahead and intra-day environment. 

Based on a negotiated Framework Agreement the first implementation will start in the Nordic market. The Agreement is significant in size and includes software licenses, development and services. Powel is due to deliver cloud-based systems that include the majority of Powel Smart Energy solutions for power producers, covering areas such as asset nomination, production optimisation, spot  and reserve market bidding and intraday trading.

“We look at Powel as a strategic vendor in the solution landscape,” says Mark Williams from E.ON Business Services. “Through the open tender negotiation phase they have shown that they are fit to deliver solutions we require for our business areas within the Dispatch environment. We have already had good experiences with Powel from projects in Sweden and we look forward to taking this partnership further.”

The Nordic market is served by offices in Düsseldorf and Sundsvall and the initial implementation for this market has started.

For the period 2016 - 2020, the ambition of the Framework Agreement is to run further implementations for more Central European markets and UK.

“This is a very important contract for Powel both on its own and on a strategic level, and it is the direct result of our targeted approach within this area,” says Arnt Sollie, VP Smart Energy, Powel. “Innovative and forward thinking by joining forces with Delta Energy Solutions in Basel and with Optimization Partner in Stockholm in 2013, means that we are now in a position to offer such an extensive contract to a large European player.”

Development activities, implementation and consultancy will be handled by a combination of Norwegian, German, English, Swedish, Swiss and Polish employees, who all bring key areas of expertise to the table, including optimisation, market operations, integration, and infrastructure.

For further information, please contact: 
Arnt Sollie, VP Smart Energy, Powel, +47 481 64 598