Powel awarded grant from Innovation Norway to develop next generation water- and wastewater IT solutions

With one of the largest allocation to a company in Norway’s Trøndelag region during the last few years, Innovation Norway enables Powel to take the lead in renewal of the water- and wastewater sector. 

Today, Powel delivers IT solutions to the water- and wastewater departments of 300 Norwegian municipalities. Water is a crucial resource for life, and Powel is focusing on how new technology can contribute to even better support for work within this important sector. In connection with this, Powel is running a project to look at IT solutions that will secure clean water and efficient running, maintenance and renewing of infrastructure.

For this project, Innovation Norway has allocated NOK 15 million to Powel. The project is set to run for the next three years.

“This is a big vote of confidence and above all a fantastic opportunity for us in Powel. In Norway, we are used to having clean water in our taps and wastewater that disappears how it is supposed to. With our solution, built around new needs and using new technology, we will ensure that same security for the future. Furthermore, we also intend to develop a solution that has international potential,” says Powel’s CEO, Bård Benum.

Large sections of the water- and sewer network are in need of renewal and improvement in order to be able to ensure clean water, avoid leaks and prevent flooding in the future. The industry has repeatedly pointed to the enormous need for investment in a new and more secure infrastructure. The aging water- and wastewater network is estimated to need investments of more than 120 billion Euro. In order to lift the standard to an acceptable level, a reinvestment of 51 billion Euro is needed between now and 2030.

Today, more than 30% of the drinking water disappears due to leaks and several municipalities have challenges relating to the quality of drinking water and environmental spills. The IT solution that Powel will develop is going to focus on the environment. It will ensure safe daily operations and help ensure that investments are made according to urgency. This will ensure the value of future investments, secure good water quality, reduce environmental spills and streamline processes relating to management and running of the infrastructure.

“The technological development is rapid and there are many new possibilities within web- and mobile based solutions, sensor technology, digitising of tasks, and automation of knowledge. We will utilise our expertise to develop a solution that will benefit both people and the environment. For Powel, this presents possibilities for increased export of Norwegian environmental technology. The allocation from Innovation Norway makes it possible for Powel to achieve the creation of next generation IT solutions for a sector that is facing large investments and challenges,” says Bård Benum. 

The aim of the project is to develop a solution that includes better modelling of the infrastructure, advanced methods of analysis and estimation, modern and intuitive user interfaces, service oriented and cloud-based architecture, utilisation of web- and mobile technology, as well as integration with sensor- and meter technology. 

“For Innovation Norway, Powel’s project is exciting both from an environmental and an innovation perspective. The project addresses challenges and solutions for a critical infrastructure in Norway, but has an additional international potential that makes it very current,” says Vigdis Harsvik, director of Innovation Norway, Trøndelag region. 

The project will be conducted in conjunction with the municipality of Trondheim and SINTEF’s department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering. The municipality of Trondheim will contribute with resources to specify and test the finished prototype.

“The municipality of Trondheim is currently using Powel’s solutions, and wishes to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s solutions for the water- and wastewater area through participating in this project with our expertise. Through the utilisation of new knowledge and technology, we believe that the project will contribute to our aim of developing the water- and wastewater network in an efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical way that will benefit our inhabitants, says Anne-Kristine Misund, head of the municipal technology department in Trondheim.  



About Powel
Powel AS is a Norwegian company that develops and delivers business-critical software solutions and related services to the public sector, energy companies and contractors. Powel is a market leader within software for hydropower planning, municipal technology, contracting, and management and operation of power grids. Powel has 380 employees and the head office is in Trondheim, Norway. Additionally, the company has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and Chile. 300 Norwegian municipalities uses Powel’s Gemini VA solution to manage their water- and wastewater networks. Over 30 years Gemini VA has become the industry standard for Norwegian municipal water- and wastewater departments. In addition, Powel has 50 relevant Danish companies as customers. Powel is also an established supplier of advanced IT solutions within the energy sector and sees significant synergies between the two business areas, particularly when it comes to infrastructure. For further information, go to www.powel.com