Powel to contribute to energy smart cities through EU-funded consortium +CityxChange

EU’s Horizon 2020 has awarded the +CityxChange project a grant worth 22 million Euros as a Smart City lighthouse project. Powel is a partner in the consortium, which over the next five years will develop a series of demonstration projects on how to become “smart positive energy cities”. The Lighthouse cities are Trondheim, Norway and Limerick, Ireland with follower cities in five EU countries. Powel will contribute with software solutions for local energy market trade and system operation. 

The +CityxChange project will demonstrate local and flexible energy systems in smart cities. Trondheim and Limerick will together with five follower cities implement and demonstrate solutions to help districts generate more energy than is consumed. Knowledge sharing between the cities will ensure that everyone learns quicker, together. 

Under the leadership of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the seven cities will develop and test new solutions together with an impressive list of large entreprises, SMEs, non-for-profit organisations and universities, covering the entire value chain. Powel is proud to be a partner together with: IES R&D, University of Limerick, Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Future Analytics Consulting, Research2Market Solutions, ISOCARP, TrønderEnergi, ABB Norway, ATB, AVIS Budget Group, Statkraft Heat, ESB Innovation, ESB Networks, Ove Arup & Partners, FourC, Kjeldsberg, Smart MPower, Space Engagers, Colaborativa, Officinae Verdi, IOTA Foundation, NHP Eiendom and GKinetic Energy.

Powel’s role will be to demonstrate how local energy markets in a city can become a reality and how they can be run and operated in a local grid. Use of solar energy, batteries, heating and consumer flexibility, excess heat, and other resources will be optimised and settled. The power grid will be monitored and operated to ensure the quality of supply – even when green choices are prioritised. Powel will demonstrate automated solutions for operation of local energy markets, ensuring profitability for all parties involved. 

“This is a unique opportunity for Powel to show how experience and solutions for the energy market also have a place within smart cities. Innovation is at the very core of what Powel does and we are proud to be a part of this very exciting project where two of Powel’s most important focus areas within the energy market will be important; digitalisation and sustainability” says Chief Strategist in Powel, Klaus Livik.  

The +CityxChange project complements Powel’s international focus with solutions for the energy industry, including energy smarter cities. The project has been praised by experts in the EU for demonstrating and building up under measures that will contribute to a large scale roll-out og energy positive regions across Europe. Furthermore, the project was commended for its convincing approach in making local governments an active and integrated part of the energy solution, getting inhabitants involved in the city transformation, and involving the whole value chain in the region. 

For more information, please check the projects website or contact Klaus Livik, Chief Strategist, Powel