Powel Intraday Trading released

New, web-based solution connected directly to the intraday market has potential to change the way energy companies capitalise on their their intraday trading activities.

Powel Intraday Trading is connected directly to the physical electricity market and can replace many of the processes in existing trading systems. Through an API connection, customers will have real-time read and write access, enabling energy traders to handle all their intraday trading activities directly from one innovative solution.

“The main advantage of using our system is that you will have all the relevant information in the same tool,” explains Henrik Ryman, Business Manager for Portfolio Optimisation, Powel Smart Energy. “You are able to extract all information from your production portfolio and link that to the information from the intraday trading exchange. The end-result is that you are able to increase the speed and efficiency of your intraday trading.”

Powel has had an established connection towards Nordpool since earlier this year and have now finalised the test phase for an API connection to EPEXSPOT. This allows the solution to connect to most European intraday markets, allowing traders to be more efficient on the EPEX intraday market.

“When you activate or deactivate a bid in this solution, Nordpool’s or EPEX’s system will update accordingly. The connection is extremely fast, we are talking about milliseconds, so we can really offer real-time trading with this solution,” says Ryman. “You can match the bids out in the market compared to your portfolio. Additionally, you can see your maximum and minimum bids, and see what happens in the market when you make your selection.”

The connection for existing customers using Powel’s Smart Energy suite is through time series services, which enables you to read and write time series. In addition, we utilise web services, which allows you to integrate towards almost any system or database, to get portfolio positions and marginal costs and to forward executed trade transactions for scheduling.  

“We are very excited about this new solution as we know there is a demand for this type of trading tool. Additionally, with more markets opening up, we see a lot of potential for growth,” says Ryman.

Powel already has a 20-year history of helping its customers monitor, forecast, optimise and manage complex portfolios of energy assets and trades. Through our Smart Energy portfolio of products, customers have benefited from increased business agility, flexibility, and higher profits.

With a focus on physical energy management and seamless communication with European power and gas markets, Powel Intraday Trading offers a unique insight into the physical assets behind trading activities.  As European markets move towards an asset-centric future where profits are harder to find, Powel has the track record of delivering the solutions needed for participants to excel.

Powel Intraday Trading is a modular solutions, allowing modules to be added or removed according to customer needs. The four main modules are designed to cover open positions, market bids, available capacity and automated trading.

During the development phase of Powel Intraday Trading, the Smart Energy team worked closely with both interaction designers and leading energy producers. The result is an application that is user-friendly and easy to use, yet contains complex, detailed information.

Powel Intraday Trading is platform independent and can be stored in the cloud or directly onto a company’s application servers. It can be used both for decision support and automatic trading.

Powel Intraday Trading in brief:

Key features and advantages

Supported Power Exchanges
Nordpool: DK, NO, SE, FI, EE, LT, LV, DE

System requirements 
Powel Intraday Trading only requires a valid API license to an intraday exchange.