Powel delivers solutions to maximize hydropower asset profits and efficiently handle complex power logistics to AET

Successful on-time and on-budget implementation provides AET full value with short-, mid-, and long term hydropower production optimisation and power logistics.

After being awarded the contracts for both solutions in 2015, at the end of last year, Powel successfully migrated AET from its former scheduling and market communication ET3000 platform to DeltaXE. In addition, the Smart Generation software suite, used for controlling inputs for production planning and triggering optimisation, was implemented.

AET is now ready to apply Powel software solutions in their daily business-critical processes, both for production planning and trading. Through full control of working processes and a high degree of automation, these systems will ensure optimisation of AET’s resources today, and offer the flexibility to react quickly to changing market rules and conditions in the future.

“Within Powel’s optimisation suite, we are able to model in much more detail in the topology of our hydropower assets, giving us the ability to act more precisely in the different markets,” says Luca Marcionetti Portfolio Manager, AET.

“We found that DeltaXE offers a high degree of automation, which makes us more efficient,” says Andrea Della Bruna, supervisor IT Operations at AET. “The flexibility in the system, specifically how it adapts to changing market rules – such as Swissgrid changes in 2016 – is also very important.”

”We are seeing more and more clients in Central Europe choosing Powel software solutions for their day-to-day operations, both when it comes to production planning, and trading and logistics,” says Dino Kilcher, Head of Market Development DACH, Powel Smart Energy. ”Power producers, especially in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are discovering the benefits of our solutions. We are getting particularly positive feedback when it comes to our ability to support all markets and the entire business process from forecasting, to generation optimisation, to trading.”

”We are very happy with how Powel delivered the project with both solutions on time and on budget,” says Giorgio Tognola, Head of Trading & Sales, AET. “We are confident that the implementation of these platforms will enable us to have a better overview of our available resources with increased profit margins as a result.”


About Powel
Powel AS, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business-critical software solutions and related services specifically designed to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality. Powel Smart Energy offers solution through the entire value chain, from forecasting and production planning to logistics and settlement. Powel is a market leader in smart metering, generation, trading, logistic, grid maintenance and water management solutions with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland and Chile. Founded in 1996, it is a privately held company with around 460 employees. Powel AG in Switzerland (former Delta Energy Solution AG and since 2013 part of Powel) is the competence center for power and gas trading and logistic solutions. For more information visit www.powel.com

About AET
AET, Azienda Elettrica Ticinese, is a public company founded in 1958. It operates in the trade, production and transport of electricity in Switzerland and abroad. AET is actively participating in various companies and consortia of energy production internationally. The Trading Floor of AET is present on the main European power exchanges, brokering energy volumes in multiple quantities with respect to the volume of production. For further information visit http://www.aet.ch/