Powel awarded second substantial European contract within Uniper’s Power Business

Following a framework agreement between Powel AS and Uniper in 2015 for the delivery of short-term optimisation and nomination solutions including the subsequent successful public cloud deployment, we are proud to announce that Uniper has awarded Powel a second European contract for the Power Business.

The new contract covers the German market and Powel will deliver the solution for the short-term optimisation (day-ahead and intra-day). German system provider KISTERS AG will deliver the SCADA system, and Powel will be cooperating closely with Uniper and KISTERS during implementation to ensure seamless integration.  

“Powel will deliver the solution for the short-term optimisation (combining both thermal- and hydro power), which will enable Uniper to optimise the asset portfolio in day ahead and intra-day markets. Powel’s software solution will ensure that Uniper can utilise their resources to the maximum and in doing so, get the lowest cost base for the produced power” says Nils Olav Tangvik, Sales Manager, Powel Smart Energy.  

This contract makes Uniper Powel’s largest combined hydrothermal optimisation client in continental Europe. The extensive contract covers power plants with an annual generation volume output up to 48.000 GWh/year and with a combined installed capacity of around 13.000 MW. This is approximately 10% of the total hydrothermal and nuclear installed capacity in Germany and equivalent to almost 40%  of installed capacity in Norway. 

Solutions will be delivered by Powel on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The delivery also includes Powel Mesh, for advanced analytics and data management.

“We are already seeing benefits of the modernised, cloud-ready solution that was implemented in the Nordic market. It was a unique project in many ways, and due to the close cooperation with Powel, we managed to solve all our challenges along the project duration. Powel worked and communicated well with our team throughout the project and we are pleased to continue the strategic partnership for the next market,” says Sven Knoll, Director Power Operations from Uniper. 

“This is a very significant contract for us as it further establishes Powel as a leading supplier and partner for the European power market. Additionally, Uniper’s continued trust after successfully implementing a cloud deployment in Uniper’s Nordic markets, serves as confirmation in our ability to deliver large and complex projects,” says Arnt Sollie, EVP, Powel Smart Energy.  

For Powel, this project will also mean continued development of our solutions to include the needed functionality to address the complexity of the German power market and Uniper’s diverse portfolio. The project will run until the end of 2019.

Photo credit: Uniper  


About Powel
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About Uniper:
Uniper is an international energy company with about 13,000 employees, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Uniper operates in Europe, Russia, and other markets around the world. A balanced portfolio of large-scale assets—combined with outstanding technical and commercial expertise enable Uniper to deliver bespoke, competitively priced energy products and services. Uniper operates about 40 GW of reliable power generating capacity in Europe and Russia which consists mainly of hydro, gas, and coal power plants. Uniper’s trading activities encompass the entire energy commodity supply chain in power, emission allowances, natural gas, LNG, coal, and freight. For more information visit www.uniper.energy