Powel and Kamstrup expand partnership to meet new industry trend

New combined solution, designed for next generation smart metering and smart grid is being implemented by Trollhättan Energi in Sweden.

October 7, 2014: Leading energy IT companies Powel and Kamstrup have expanded their smart metering partnership by creating a software adapter that provides full integration between Powel’s leading Meter Data Management (MDM) system Powel ELIN and Kamstrup’s head-end system Kamstrup UtiliDriver. The adapter is the result of an increased customer demand for greater interoperability between Kamstrup meters and Powel software.

Trollhättan Energi, has already embraced the partnership by deciding to implement the new adapter. The decision follows the implementation of 4000 new electricity meters from Kamstrup in 2013 and enables Trollhättan Energi to integrate both the new electricity meters as well as the existing water meters, also from Kamstrup, into their Powel ELIN solution for MDM/AMI.

“With the new combined solution, we are able to operate the total system through one interface”, said Örjan Gustafson of Trollhättan Energi. The integrated solution works equally for Kamstrup meters with radio as for PLC meters from other meter makes. For us, this is significant, not only short term, but also long term as we expect to keep building on the smart grid concept going forward. In that sense, the extended partnership means that we have future proofed our solution.

Kamstrup and Powel entered into a partnership in 2012 to manage an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) through integrating Kamstrup UtiliDriver and Powel ELIN. The new adapter is a significant step in expanding the partnership.

“Through the collaboration, we are making Powel ELIN software and Kamstrup smart metering systems fully compatible. This means that customers can manage their total infrastructure as one integrated system, independent of communication technology”, Mats Ekelund, Managing Director Powel Energy Management AB said. “The deal with Trollhättan Energi is an example of a paradigm shift in the utilities and energy industry, where interoperability between systems and flexibility to implement new smart functionality when needed is the new norm. At Powel, we welcome this shift as openness and flexibility has been at the core of our products and services development for some time already.”  

“To guarantee a future proof solution it is increasingly important for all providers to listen closely to customer needs and provide advanced services combined with flexibility and openness, not only for electricity solutions but also for water and heat”, Filipe Vasconcelos, System Sales Manager at Kamstrup said.  “Our extended partnership with Powel and the implementation at Trollhättan Energi are examples of exactly that”. 

Filipe Vasconcelos, added:

“The utility market is moving beyond Automatic Meter Reading into a new generation of smart metering where performance, openness and smart grid functionality need to be addressed successfully. Therefore, we are especially happy to be able to provide Trollhättan Energi with an advanced and flexible communications solution together with the leading MDM player in the Nordics, Powel. We expect more utilities will move in the same direction.”


For more information, please contact:

Mats Ekelund, Managing Director at Powel Energy Management AB

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Filipe Vasconcelos, System Sales Manager at Kamstrup

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Lars Bo Kristensen, Division Director of Metering Systems at Kamstrup

+45 40 84 20 02



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