Plan and design your fibre infrastructure with 3-GIS from Powel

In the Nordics, Powel is the only company to offer a complete, web-based solution for operation and administration of fibre networks. With the 3-GIS software from Powel, fibre companies can plan and design their entire fibre infrastructure from one powerful platform.

Large or small fibre companies alike can benefit from the unique 3-GIS platform. In Norway, Altifiber is one of several Norwegian companies that have chosen to go for this solution. Altifiber has an agreement with content provider Altibox. This enables Altifiber to deliver high quality TV- and broadband services through their fibre network.

Altifiber has approximately 20,000 customers in the counties of Rogaland and Vest-Agder in the west of Norway. As opposed to the largest fibre companies, Altifiber has first and foremost focused on developing the network outside the most populated areas, thereby ensuring good internet access in rural areas.

Data flow, cooperation and communication

The 3-GIS fibre solutions are available from Powel to any company that owns and operates fibre networks. The user-friendly platform supports all processes within operations and development of infrastructure. Additionally, it ensures seamless data flow, thus contributing to good communication and cooperation with contractors, installers, sales people and end customers. 

Powel first introduced the 3-GIS solution to Altifiber at the Altibox Conference early in 2017. Since then, things have moved quickly. Altifiber has now had a brand-new platform for planning and designing their fibre network installed. At the same time, all data was exported from their old system into the new platform. The entire process took less than two months.

“The platform has been installed at Altifiber and we are done with data conversion and training. We signed the contract before the 2017 summer holidays and started installation and training in early October. Already in November, they were ready to start using the platform,” says Tanja Rask Elbæk, Fibre Solution Manager in Powel.

“Throughout this entire process, we have cooperated very closely with Altifiber. They were very active participants, making decisions quickly and efficiently,” says Rask Elbæk. “Their dedication was a big factor in the progress of the implementation, which was a lot faster than you would normally expect when implementing a new IT system.”

“Before we decided on 3-GIS, we were introduced to the product in detail. Powel showed us how we could utilise 3-GIS to expand our network and we quickly saw that the platform was both simpler and quicker than competing systems we had seen,” says Terje N. Abusland, Technical Manager in Altifiber. “Constantly simplifying and improving our systems is very important to us, and this is what we are doing with this platform.”

Proven value in a short period of time – for users and end customers

In total, Altifiber has three to four people working directly with planning and documentation of fibre. Abusland says that even though they have previously had access to systems from the field, working with a web application is much easier. In addition, he finds working in 3-GIS substantially quicker than in similar solutions.

“In my opinion, one of the advantages with 3-GIS is that all the processes are put into context in relation to each other, from planning the network to building it. In addition, it is web-based, which I think is both important and forward-looking,” says Abusland.

Full overview of network components and seamless integration between web, mobile solutions and administrative systems ensures easier and more efficient internal communication. Altifiber’s aim is that by gathering all data in 3-GIS, they will achieve easier access and information sharing within their organisation.

“It was important for us to gather all the information in one place. With 3-GIS, we no longer need to go through Excel and other support applications in order to make changes or to view our network. One of the advantages with this, is that with more people having access, we can provide better answers to our end customers,” says Abusland. “It will enable people working in customer service to give faster and more correct answers by looking up an address or access point directly. We are not done with this process yet, but once this is finalised, it will be a tremendous advantage both for our customer service employees and for our customers.”

“This has been a very important project for us and we very much appreciate having Altifiber as a collaborator. Not only have they been very active throughout, they have provided us with valid and honest feedback during the process, enabling us to come up with solutions to challenges in a good way,” finishes Rask Elbæk.

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