Nordkraft selects Powel for production planning and trading in favour of current supplier

Energy producer Nordkraft Produksjon AS in northern Norway announced its decision to change their current production planning and trading systems in favour of Powel’s Smart Energy platform. The solution from Powel supports the entire value chain from production to trading in the same user interface, allowing Nordkraft to take important steps in fulfilling their forward-looking strategy and future-proofing their operations.

This contract symbolises an important strategic step towards new, digital and automated platforms, which will ensure more accurate planning of their renewable assets and enable Nordkraft to stay competitive in the market. 

The company, based in Narvik in the north of Norway, currently has a production portfolio of 1.2 TWh including hydropower and wind production. They have strategic ambitions for growth, primarily within power plant operations. The investment in the Smart Energy platform will allow for rapid growth through automation and streamlining of business processes. 

“There are several reasons why we chose Powel as our preferred supplier; the most important one is perhaps the need to only operate a single system platform. We will now have the entire process, from long-term planning and optimisation to trading and settlement in one system, allowing us to run a more dynamic operation and use our time more efficiently,” says Marius Larsen, Head of Production in Nordkraft. “Additionally, we see that Powel is thinking ahead together with us and we believe that our investment in this platform will support our needs going forward. We expect that this system will allow us to make better and data-driven decisions, resulting in an increase in revenue and profits.”

“Nordkraft has purchased the entire platform from Powel, including the powerful analytics tool Mesh. Once implemented, it will provide the ability to optimise both production planning and energy trading in the same user interface, ensuring greater efficiency and control. The flexibility of Powel’s solutions means that the entire platform can be tailored, in close cooperation with Nordkraft, to ensure optimal workflows specifically designed to meet their needs,” says Project Manager Ola Lome in Powel.

The Smart Energy platform consists of the complete Smart Generation Suite, intraday trading, marginal cost module, mFRR Bid, water management and Powel Mesh for advanced analytics. The implementation project will start immediately and the initial goal is to have Nordkraft up and running with trading and electronic activation functionality during spring 2018.  

“We are excited to get going with the implementation and have all the necessary resources lined-up to ensure a swift delivery,” states Lome.


About Powel
Powel AS, with head office in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business critical software solutions to energy companies, contractors and the public sector. The company is a market leader within the energy sector and delivers solutions for energy production, grid maintenance- and operations and smart meters. Powel has several offices in Norway as well as offices in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland and Chile. The company was established in 1996, it is privately owned, and has 470 employees. For more information, go to

About Nordkraft
Energy producer Nordkraft focuses on development, production and distribution of renewable energy. Its history goes back to 1913, when the first power plant was put into operation the municipality of Narvik. Furthermore, the company are shareholders in electricity trading and other energy-related businesses. Their energy production comes mainly from hydropower and wind farms. For more information, go to