New milestone for Powel and Validér with delivery of central system

Powel completes delivery of the central system to Validér and thus a 30-month long project comes to an end. All deliveries of the central system is finalised and approved and is now entering a test phase.

In May 2014, Powel and Validér signed a strategic agreement to create Norway’s largest platform for handling smart meters. In accordance with the contract, Powel has now implemented the IT platform that makes it possible for Validér to become Norway’s largest provider of services for smart meters (AMS) to date. To begin with, the solution included 400.000 metering points, but over the course of the project new companies have joined and the solution today is set up to cover up to 750.000 metering points, approximately 25% of all AMS meters in Norway.

Powel has delivered a solution for managing and operating metering points according to Norwegian regulations for advanced metering and control systems. Validér aims to deliver services that streamlines and secures the processes related to smart meters. To do so, they will use Powel’s solutions for collecting, processing and analysing meter data.

The process from contract signing in May 2014 up to final approval has been comprehensive for all parties. Several rounds of acceptance tests have been completed, in addition to demanding testing of all components. From Validér’s side, the focus has been on stringent testing and verification of all requirements, in addition to ensuring that the solution has the needed functionality and possibilities for further development and growth. The last few months of the project has been spent ensuring the highest possible quality and improved functionality. 

“This project has involved a lot of expertise, from Powel’s developers, from Validér and from subcontractors. Around 20 people in Powel have been working on this project and we have taken full advantage of our professional expertise in four countries,” says Kjell Sivertsen, VP Project Management in Powel. “Through the last couple of years, we have acquired development expertise in both Esri and Oracle technology, which has made this demanding project possible.”

The central system is delivered with modules for gathering and handling meter data, an event driven system that analyses incidents in the grid, in addition to a graphical map solution that provides a comprehensive image of the operation of the AMS system, focusing on condition, events, current relations and tasks linked to events in the AMS system.

The central system has received approved Elhub certification in combination with both Elwin and Customer. System providers Enoro and CGI Norway have thus run their KIS systems via the central system for those market processes supported by these.

Together with several system providers, Validér is now participating with the central system in Elhub’s “System Vendor Trial” where the first version of the Elhub solution is being tested. This autumn’s pilot includes 1000 customers which the system will collect meter data from. The small-scale and eventually full-scale deployment will begin after the successful pilot. “

“We take the fact that both the project and us as a customer have at times been demanding as proof of correct decisions along the way. I am confident that both Powel and the solutions will benefit from this,” says Henning Stenseth, Operations Manager in Validér. “Close monitoring and a good dialogue have been important in getting us where we are today.”

“I look forward to seeing the central system in production during the upcoming pilot,” says Programme Director of SORIA and CEO of Validér, Thomas Thiis. “Furthermore, I am excited to present the solution to all of the grid companies in SORIA.”

Powel’s central system is built around existing solutions ELIN and MOBI. Powel will now contribute with competence transfer and support during the next phases of the project.



About Powel
Powel AS, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business-critical software solutions and related services specifically designed to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality. The company is a market leader in smart metering, generation, grid maintenance and water management solutions with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and Chile. Founded in 1996, Powel AS is a privately held company with more than 430 employees. For more information visit 

About Validér
Validér AS was established in June 2013 and is a service provider for 27 Norwegian grid companies. Validér AS’s role is as a service provider to its owners and to manage and operate the central system for collection and handling of all metering data. The company will contribute to the integrations of the central system towards grid companies ERP systems. Validér AS will support and operate the necessary user interfaces of the future national Elhub – For more information, visit