Powel’s new customer web portal – myPowel

We are happy to announce the launch of our new customer web portal, myPowel, for our Norwegian Gemini customers.

The new portal will provide better support and help, as well as giving customers a complete overview of their products in one place. It includes newly added functions and a cleaner, more user-friendly design. In addition, each company will have a customised home page with information relevant to their business.

“My Cases” is a brand new addition to the customer portal, making it easier and quicker to report issues or problems. It also gives a full overview of previous and active cases, meaning progress of active enquires can be tracked, and cases can easily be managed. 

The “FAQ” feature has been improved and expanded, and a “Common Questions” feature as well as a search function have been added. 

Presentations and tutorials will still be available for download and the portal also includes administrative procedures.

The launch of myPowel is our first step in improving our web based support and help to all our customers. We hope you will agree this is an important step in making your working day even more efficient.