Big Data Manager – supporting the new reality of the energy business

Ever more unpredictable power production, combined with new energy types, such as wind and solar, demands efficient and robust data handling. Statkraft and Powel are currently working together on the project «New Reality». The project name reflects the new reality that energy companies are facing, handling larger amounts of data in a good way. 

During last autumn’s Powel Days, Arild Tanem and Mari Tansem Stausland from Statkraft told us about their experiences from cooperating with Powel on this project. Tanem is currently VP of Nordic Market Analysis and also has five years as a manager in hydrology behind him. Tansem Stausland is a hydrologist working with forecasting. The focus of the project is to use the basic product “Big Data Manager” as the foundation for making better inflow forecasts. 


Reduced data maintenance

An overriding goal for Statkraft is to reduce the time spent on herding and maintaining data. This will free up time for highly educated hydrologists to make better analysis of inflow forecasts and historical data.  

In addition, Stakraft wishes to get the following gains from Big Data Manager:

Statkraft has vast amounts of time series and calculation expressions. Preliminary figures show that by implementing Big Data Manager, amount of time series will be reduced by 40%, amount of calculation expressions by 30% and amount of reports by 25%. It goes without saying that less time will be spent on data maintenance.

The cooperation with Powel

Tanem feels that there has been a good and close collaboration between Stakraft and Powel. The two parties agreed on delivery following thorough planning ahead of the implementation work.  The project has been running smoothly, with a great deal of involvement and testing underway. The parties have met once a month during the project period. The project has been technically demanding, owing to the fact that the basis is to create a new “foundation” for all business applications. 

Tanem goes on to saying that the project has benefitted from having people from both companies that master the technical aspects as well as the business ones. Tanem particularly mentions Sigbjørn Helseth from Statkraft and Åsmund Botnen from Powel as good examples of this. Helseth is a previous Powel employee and is familiar with the possibilities of Powel’s systems.

For their efforts in this project, Powel decided to award our Innovation Award 2014 at the Powel Days to Elisabeth K. Walker and Statkraft.