Grid management

In a energy world influenced by Energiewende, Smart Grid, Industrial Internet of Things and sensor technology, your industry is in rapid change. Your customers trust you and your power supply, whilst the utility model for electricity is changing. Quick chargers for electrical cars, micro production, passive houses and alternative energy sources are already part of the reality you have to relate to. These developments demand that you have a good overview of your grid, and places stricter demands on documentation, maintenance and operational support.

Powel has solutions that support you throughout the various stages of grid management. We have expert tools that allow you to project, plan maintenance, control discrepancies and interruptions, analyse and estimate streams, simulate various operational situations and monitor the grid in real-time.

At the same time, we support the working processes of the various roles working on different levels of the grid. Our mobile and cloud-based solutions collect exactly the information they require from your GIS, and inserts it into a simple process.  

We believe that the best way of supporting and streamlining the grid operators of the future is to make information available where it is needed, and tailor make it to each individual role through open user interfaces. Tell us about your wishes or visions!


Grid management solutions

Operational support systems (DMS)

Mobile solutions


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