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Digital services have become an essential part of everyday life. This places increasingly greater demands on both the speed and stability of the fibre network.We know the importance of planning, building and maintaining your infrastructure. Quality and security are our primary concerns!

During the last ten years, fibre companies have invested a lot of time and resources in developing fibre infrastructure, and the roll-out of fibre grids is continuing with an ever increasing pace. The need to be connected and having access to broadband speeds of 100Mb/sec is now a basic requirement for citizens today. This means more demands on grid companies ability to plan and roll out infrastructure in a safe and efficient manner. 

In Powel, we work closely with our customers in order to fulfill their goals. Our starting point is the customers’ burning platform, which often contains elements such as demands for increased customer records, needs for scalibility, improvements of ROI and customer satisfaction.

Powel offers fibre solutions to owners and operators of fibre optic networks. We support all your processes, from daily operations to infrastructure development. Through a focus on user friendliness and real value, we help you achieve better communication and cooperation with contractors, installers and the end user. We strive to ensure better return on investment and added value to your business.

In the Nordics, Powel is the only company offering complete and web-based solutions for operations and maintenance of the fibre network. The 3-GIS software from Powel offers unique and powerful systems for planning and projecting of fibre infrastructure. In addition, we tailor-make efficient and mobile solutions for use out of the office in conjunction with the building process.

Our focus is to create business results for our customers and to remove typical areas of disagreement in conjunction with planning and expansion of fibre. The solutions from Powel can for instance give notable cost reductions for planning and calculation, or it can add value to the process of utilising data from the companies’ business systems.  

We go to great lengths to create more value for your business and your customers. We create solutions that respond to future challenges today.  

Key features of Powel’s fibre solutions:

Fibre solutions from Powel are based on technology from Esri, 3-GIS and Microsoft Azure.

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