District heating

The green shift carries new thinking, new technologies and innovations. This brings new possibilities and substantial expansions to the energy effective district heating industry. Within the green shift, several fossil fuel driven district heating plants are switching to sustainable energy sources, such as geothermal energy, biomass incineration, heat pumps and solar heating panel installations. 

Furthermore, important research on effective heat storage from energy sources such as solar heating and wind turbines brings new possibilities. Combined heat and power production supports the transition from fossil fuel and helps lower emissions, and the heat networks of the future will be much more complex, decentralised and effective.

This new and greener reality requires IT systems that offers effective and intuitive tools for precise documentation of the district heating network. This documentation will serve as solid baseline for advanced strategic analysis/calculations, and for utilising and sharing data with all relevant personnel, anywhere, anytime - on any device.

Powel’s district heating solutions offers a coherent platform that adapts to your business needs and has the ability to ensure a long-term focus on rationalisation and optimisation of business processes.

Powel’s district heating solutions support your core areas: