Heating and electricity

Through the last 30 years, Powel has built close relations with many of the largest grid operators in the Nordics. The explosive development within Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Grid and Smart Metering (AMS), opens up a new world of possibilities for all grid operators. Powel is in front of the innovation - ready to help you make the most out of your assets.

The future requires more of your IT systems in terms of efficiency, flexibility and great a great user experience. With sharp focus on innovation, grid benefits, user friendliness, and flexible integrations with third party services, Powel’s solutions gives you confidence, efficiency and pride in your daily operations. 

Our solutions are based on user friendly Geographical Information Systems, and supports different utilities like electric utilities, street lights, district heating, fibre and telecommunications. We connect your business strategies with your work processes and ensures smart and efficient operations.

Core systems and mobile apps for building, operations, analysis and maintenance
Interact and communicate with entrepreneurs, field operators and customers to ensure safe and efficient grid operations
Document, analyse and plan your district heating network

Systems for deployment and operations of smart meters

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