Successful public cloud deployment at Uniper Global Commodities with Powel Smart Energy moves the digital utility

Leading the way in modernisation of utility software solutions, Uniper and Powel announce the successful delivery of a 100% public cloud-hosted design, in Microsoft Azure, for Uniper’s Nordic dispatch process, in partnership with Powel’s Smart Energy suite. The new solution moved to ‘Production’ status on the evening of April 4th, and supports users from Uniper for their 24/7/365 hydro and thermal asset management.

By implementing a solution that is fully public cloud-hosted, Uniper’s project has addressed and overcome many challenges that companies are faced with in this space, and provided a blueprint for future success. Matters of security and encryption, high availability, disaster recovery, remote access and support, have all been considered and resolved, enabling Uniper to leap onto a modern and efficient platform for one of its most demanding and complex functional components.

Through partnering with Powel, Uniper have been able to show that the possibilities for bespoke and highly responsive systems to be modernised are just as great as for any other application, and that freeing the business from the constraints of local hosting and hardware is not only achievable, but delivers tangible benefits. Over 18 TWh/year of generation capacity is managed through Powel’s Smart Energy suite, with functions including short-term optimisation, spot and tertiary regulation bidding, price forecasting, and settlements reporting all in place on Day 1.

“Powel’s software is a huge step forward for Uniper, both at the functional level, and as a technical accomplishment,” says Mark Williams, Head of Trading IT Uniper. “After agreeing our partnership with Powel to deliver projects for the Nordic business, this was a state of the art product based on public cloud infrastructure.  We can immediately see the benefits of the modernised, cloud-ready solution that we selected at the start of the programme. Our success has positive implications not only for the dispatch business, but for Uniper’s IT strategy as a whole.”

Kjell J. Sivertsen, Powel’s Program Lead, stated: “Large-scale transitional innovation projects like this faces many challenges, but we have overcome them all with this go-live – it’s very satisfying to see the new system in use and helping to deliver value to Uniper’s Nordic users. We are thrilled to continue our co-creation partnership for future innovations together with Uniper.”