Welcome to Powel Days 2019

In Trondheim, 14 - 15 May. Since the late 60´s, the loudspeakers of London´s underground have been yelling «Mind the gap” to prevent people from falling into the gap between the subway platform and the trains. For 50 years, Powel has gathered expertise on mapping gaps, discrepancies, holes and deviations by the power of IT – any threat to safe management of critical infrastructures. However, we do not cave in until the gaps are closed – we “close the gaps”.

During the Powel Days 2019, we will keep sharp focus on user needs, and offer knowledge that turns to value in practice. This is an opportunity to learn from colleagues in other companies, catch the latest product news and trends, and experience how to solve problems by closing gaps with Powel software.

In between sessions, we urge you to visit our inspiring exhibition area and meet up with Powel experts and technology partners for a chats and demonstrations – ahead of common dinner and entertainment.

Powel Days 2019 is threefold: Below you will programme and registrations for Asset Performance (grid management), Smart Energy (energy production and trade) and Environment (water management).

We hope to see you in Trondheim this spring and get an opportunity to map and close even more gaps.

Smart Energy

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Powel Environment

(Norwegian sessions)

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