Powel announces new Chief of Cyber Security

Powel is happy to announce the appointment of Mike Loginov, UK Cyber Security Awards ‘Industry Personality of the Year’ as our new Chief of Cyber Security.

A seasoned Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO), Scottish Loginov has delivered security and advisory programmes and services for large corporates across industry and commerce, law enforcement and government, including the UK National Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police, The Bank of England, Football Premier League, Glaxo Smith Kline,  and critical infrastructure Organisations.

Loginov has more than 30 years of comprehensive experience and broad involvement in international cyber, information, data and operational technology (OT), and security leadership across a variety of sectors, including utilities. He has also received a number of personal accolades for his work, including Industry Personality of the Year and CISO of the Year, both in 2016.  

He has worked internationally securing critical national infrastructures and protecting against hackers, hacktivists, criminal gangs and nation state adversarial groups. He is also founder and CEO of the Ascot Barclay Group, a team of specialists with extensive experience in cyber and digital security.

“My passion and experience is in leading organisations in the reduction of risk from cyber, physical and social engineering attacks on critical assets and sensitive data. I particularly enjoy working with dynamic organisations that operate across industries, with energy and utility firms as high profile targets on the hackers’ radar, I am very excited to be working with Powel,” says Loginov.

“Many of Powel’s customers manage critical infrastructure, where there is a growing awareness of the importance of cyber security. In addition, the technologies that are providing incredible new capabilities and business value such as IoT, big data, analytics and mobile require new security strategies. Powel is investing in cyber security as a fundamental aspect of the products we develop and the services we provide, and contributing to new security solutions in the industry. With Mike Loginov on board, we have both the deep expertise and leadership we need to take our security initiatives and priorities to the next level,” says Powel’s CTO of Cloud & Technology Kevin Gjerstad.

Working alongside development, IT operations and Powel’s Security Steering Group, Loginov will set the security standard for Powel’s products and services and develop an information security program, including procedures and policies designed to protect communications, systems, people and assets from a range of possible threats, including both digital and cyberattacks, and social engineering.

“As well as the job Powel will do in terms of security as a company, we will also focus on being a business enabler, assisting our clients in their security needs. I see Powel as a thought leader at the forefront of security, these are challenging times, adversaries are becoming more pervasive and sophisticated in their attempts to disrupt, compromise and infiltrate so we need to set the right platform for ‘Hacker Hardening’ - an organisations’ security posture against those that would do us harm,” says Loginov.

Loginov started in Powel on 27th March and will divide his time between London and our Oslo office.

About Powel
Powel AS, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business-critical software solutions and related services specifically designed to help energy companies and public utilities improve daily operational processes and service quality. Founded in 1996, it is a privately held company with 470 employees, customers in 20 countries and offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland and Chile. For more information, go to www.powel.com