From planning to bidding in a seamless work process

Hydro, the second largest power generation company in Norway, is very pleased with Powel’s Day Ahead Operations solution. They now use less time each day on spot bidding and have reduced their weekend staff at the Control Centre.

Nils Spjeldnæs, Portfolio Manager and Production Planner for Hydro, has experienced the benefits of the Day Ahead Operations solution. Before introducing this solution, the hours before the spot deadline used to be very hectic. There was little time to analyse the markets and consider sudden changes, especially close to the spot deadline. The planning and bidding process were two separate work processes, which required time spent on sewing the two parts together. It was time for a change.

With this in mind, Hydro started a project called “Physical markets”. The aim was to unite the planning and bidding activities in one efficient work process, which would free time for commercial activities. Hydro teamed up with Powel to develop a new solution for trading in physical markets.

In close cooperation with Hydro, Powel developed a seamless solution for bidding and planning using Powel Nimbus. Hydro is very pleased with the new solution and has experienced many benefits, especially in pre-spot activities: