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By joining our Delta Challenge you can make a big difference between regular performance and true operational excellence. It is this delta in the performance of your organisation we can deliver. Discover your delta and improve your business impact.

How are you adding new markets to your existing logistics system? Can you avoid penalties and fines by improving how communications are automated and handled?  Are you able to stay compliant with new regulations at this time and in the future? We work with trading companies throughout Europe to make sure you can handle the complexity of European power and gas logistics.

When it comes to cross-border trading and logistics for all European power and gas markets, there is no other solution that offers the speed and flexibility you need to succeed in today’s markets. This is the delta in your operational efficiency and agility we can provide.

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Helping trading companies work even smarter 

In a highly dynamic energy market with a need for impeccable performance 24/7, there is no room for suboptimal structures and beta releases. The speed to market is constantly increasing and with high-frequency trading, operational speed is of the utmost essence. Flexibility and adaptability to new market conditions are critical as new opportunities and rules emerge. 

True efficiency can only be reached with proven state of the art software for portfolio management, scheduling, cross border capacity management and production planning for both gas and power all integrated into one compatible software suite. The current market conditions dictate that you concentrate your energy on your core competencies. Your valuable resources should do the same.

Our challenge Peaking your performance

By joining the Delta Challenge you can reduce your total cost of ownership and increase your profitability, because you are able to concentrate your energy on your core competencies. Our focus is specifically on logistics activities across multiple European markets, meaning we can help support your purpose-built/ ETRM system or, for smaller scale trading operations, manage your primarily physical deal capture and position keeping processes as well.


You can increase efficiency, reduce effort and risk in daily processes with a high degree of automation and flexibility. Your organisational constraints will be respected and there will be no need to change internal processes. We understand your business and know how to configure the right solution to support all European Power and Gas markets.

Speed to market

With the Delta Challenge you will speed up your time to market. This is because we offer flexibility in our solutions today, and support you in a rapidly changing environment. When you decide to trade in new markets you can benefit from the speed of our out-of-the-box market configurations, because we support all European power and gas markets. Of course, new markets can easily be configured.


You will not only stay competitive, but also compliant in the market. Our audit trail and archiving functionality keeps track of each transaction and transmission, making reporting and analysis easy, accurate and transparent. Even in your fast-paced work environment, collaborating with third-party stakeholders and other partners, you can streamline and verify communications and transactions even if your colleagues scheduled the transaction. This ensures you are always on top of every step in your daily operations.Jeg vil vite mer, vennligst kontakt meg...

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Now is the time

Gary Vasey of Commodity Technology Advisory LLC explains the importance of software to support the trading and logistics business. Hear the latest industry findings and his expert opinion on how to tackle today's business challenges regarding energy and gas trading in Europe.


Finding the right solution

With increasing inbound charges and escalating costs associated with penalties, Statkraft understands the importance of having the right solution for cross-border trading and logistics. Liliya van Hal, Gas/Power Operations and Intraday Trading at Statkraft Markets, explains the importance of having a fast and flexible system, which they found in Powel DeltaXE. "Given that we are in a very fast changing market, the systems we use need to be just as flexible as we people are to adjust to market changes and allow our traders to do what they do best  making the right decision in the market."

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Powel places the customer’s point of view central in its strategy. With the Delta Challenge, we are doing this literally. The most important way to maximise performance is to open up the dialogue and create the right conditions conducive for co-creation. To receive an exclusive expert perspective on your company and to learn more about the Delta Challenge e-mail klaus.kiske@powel.ch.

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