Wins award for ambitious GIS strategy

Nukissiorfiit has introduced an ambitious strategy for enhancing GIS (the Geographic Information System) as the central repository for web documentation and business process support. The strategy was implemented throughout the organisation, with Powel as an external partner.

The distribution network operator was recently honoured with the Esri SAG Award 2019 (Special Achievement in GIS) for its ambitious GIS strategy and its realization.

“The digitalisation of the company has been a very important process for us. The use of good digital tools allows us to save resources which can then be used for other tasks,” says Hans Pirupshvarre, GIS Manager at Nukissiorfiit.  

As a supply company, Nukissiorfiit is responsible for producing and supplying electricity, water and heat to most of Greenland’s consumers. This includes 17 towns and 53 villages. The energy supply is largely based on renewable energy sources. 

Reparation of cable cabinets and street lights in the town of Qaqortoq. All photos: Nukissiorfiit

Good Field Solutions Are Crucial

To ensure the best possible operation and maintenance of the energy supply, existing data has been upgraded to a comprehensive data model. This has laid the foundations for much more complex business support. The company also set itself a goal to quickly establish complete and topologically correct network documentation. 

Nukissiorfiit actively involves the organisation and provides field personnel to help collect data. These personnel also work continuously with targeted solutions for reporting deviations and improvements. They have personally invested a great deal of work in this effort. In areas where they themselves lack capacity or expertise, the Powel software company has helped them to find solutions. 

“We’re impressed by Nukissiorfiit’s aggressive approach and considerable knowledge. They have already streamlined a great many work processes, but I'm sure they'll streamline even more when they implement the rest of the GIS strategy. Nukissiorfiit deserves the recognition they have received from Esri,” says Jens Dalsgaard, a process consultant at Powel. 

Maintenance work on a fjord span that runs from the hydroelectric power plant at the base of Buksefjorden to the town of Nuuk. 

The Company Will Continue to Build Its Competence

Nukissiorfiit has already implemented web-based functions that allow its field personnel to perform geoprocessing analyses out in the field via, e.g., tablets or mobile phones. The water and district heating network is also becoming increasingly automated. One ongoing project aims to more efficiently find and open switches in the district heating network that require maintenance.

“As an ESRI expert, Powel has been an invaluable help in this digitalisation project. They assisted us in the strategy process, both in terms of training and with obtaining the approval of the Executive Board. We also received priceless support with the implementation of a new data model for electricity supply and determining the layout of the water and district heating network,” says Hans Pirupshvarre, who appreciates the Esri’s recognition of his company:

“It was fun to receive the award, and getting noticed is always a great motivation. We still have a lot of exciting work ahead of us, and we're looking forward to the future. We need to build our own competence while also taking advantage of external expertise, such as Powel’s. This combination will elevate our company in the years to come,” concludes Pirupshvarre. 

Solar cell installation in the village of Igaliku in southern Greenland.