Powel completes Nordkraft delivery – on budget and ahead of schedule

Northern Norwegian power producer Nordkraft Produksjon AS has operationalised Powel’s Smart Energy platform for their entire production planning process – from seasonal planning to settlement. Less than a year after contract signing the delivery project is completed, on budget and ahead of schedule. 

The move to all-new systems is an important part of Nordkraft’s forward-thinking strategy and transition to digital and automated platforms. These will contribute to making Nordkraft’s operations more efficient and stable. 

“Nordkraft has been extremely forward-thinking and willing to use new solutions throughout the value chain from optimisation, through trading and to settlement,” says Ola Lome, Project Manager in Powel. “I am particularly impressed by the work they have done on stochastic short term optimisation,  where I believe they are far ahead of many of their peers. Nordkraft has been very open to automating and improving their production planning process - and has succeeded in doing so.” 

Powel’s solutions are flexible and the platform Nordkraft has begun using has been assembled and fine-tuned in cooperation with the company, ensuring that the solution is tailored to their needs. Nordkraft is very happy with the result, both with the platform and the implementation project itself. 

“It has been a process where we have all worked with a common goal in mind. We have now got a tool box with everything we need in the same system, including information that we previously had to go to external web sites for,” says Tore Schjelderup, Production Planner and Project Manager at Nordkraft. “There is a huge difference between where we were last winter and where we are now. We made a huge leap during the spring and are now well-equipped for facing future challenges.” 

Nordkraft has substantial growth ambitions as an operator of power production plants and this process of digitalisation will contribute to securing accurate planning as well as making them less vulnerable. 

“We believe that having the whole process, from long-term planning via optimisation and trade to settlement, in the same user interface will contribute to more efficient operations. We can now make better decisions based on accurate and updated data,” says Schjelderup. 

“The project has helped ensure that we are operating more accurately in the markets and we have more time to spend securing quality of our actions in the various markets. For Nordkraft, 1% better decisions means profit will increase with approximately NOK 4 million per year. It is too early to quantify the value of this implementation, but we may be talking in the region of 2,5% added income, which would mean added value in the region of NOK 10 million annually for our whole portfolio,” Schjelderup finishes. 



About Powel
Powel AS, with head office in Trondheim, Norway, delivers business critical software solutions to energy companies, contractors and the public sector. The company is a market leader within the energy sector and delivers solutions for energy production, grid maintenance- and operations and smart meters. Powel has several offices in Norway as well as offices in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland and Chile. The company was established in 1996, it is privately owned, and has 500 employees. For more information, go to www.powel.com


About Nordkraft 
Energy producer Nordkraft focuses on development, production and distribution of renewable energy. Its history goes back to 1913, when the first power plant was put into operation the municipality of Narvik. Furthermore, the company are shareholders in electricity trading and other energy-related businesses. Their energy production comes mainly from hydropower and wind farms. For more information, go to www.nordkraft.no