Northpool will use Powel for power scheduling

The Dutch energy trader Northpool has decided to use Powel’s comprehensive software system DeltaXE for power scheduling in several European markets.

DeltaXE is widely used by power and gas trading companies in EuropeNorthpool needs a cross-border power scheduling solution for many different markets.

“We are happy to sign a contract with Northpool. DeltaXE is a fast and flexible system for cross-border trading and logistics. We will deliver the solution in a short time,” says Klaus Kiske, sales manager of Powel.

The Dutch energy trader has to react fast on market changes. DeltaXE will bring added value through more efficient power scheduling, position management and cross-border capacity management.

“We strongly believe that we will manage our future market requirements in an excellent way with DeltaXE and Powel’s experience as an international software company.  We will be well prepared for future challenges with new markets, commodities and business models. DeltaXE is a flexible tool and enables us to do our scheduling efficiently using automated processes,” says Roald Noort, head of trading of Northpool.


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About Powel: Powel AS provides business-critical software solutions and related services to energy and utilities markets, public sector and the construction industry. Our solutions are developed in close cooperation with our customers and technology partners. The company has more than 1300 customers in over 20 countries. Powel is a privately-owned company founded in 1996 with 400 employees, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. The company has offices in seven countries, including in Düsseldorf, Germany and Basel, Switzerland. Within the business segment Smart Energy, Powel delivers solutions and services related to forecasting, power production planning and optimization, trading, balancing as well as power and gas scheduling. More than 60 customers located in Europe use our power and gas trading, scheduling and the power production solutions. For more information, please go to

About Northpool: Northpool is a dedicated energy trading company focused and specialized on short term markets. We anticipate on surpluses or scarcity situations by moving physical power across borders and balancing the markets. We currently have power trading activities in 6 countries, but we are expanding our horizons, all to enable a smoother energy transition. The company has an office in Leiden, Netherlands. For more information, please go to