Water Alert – Smart overview of your water supply in real-time

Maintaining a safe and stable supply of our most important resource, our drinking water, is of paramount importance to local governments and water companies everywhere. Often, this task is made difficult by scarce resources allocated to maintenance, operations and renewal of an ageing water network.

Street water leak with water flooding and red cones. Screenshot of the solution on top

Through digitalisation, leaks, water losses and poor water quality can be fought in a more efficient and cheaper way than what is currently the case. Powel’s Water Alert represents an important step in this direction.

Based on information from smart water meters, customer messages, incidents and so on - practically all available data from the water network, Water Alert uses a machine-learning model to compare real-time data with historical time series data and other available information.

Ongoing and historical discrepancies are presented in a map, supported by information from internal IT systems and customers systems. In the map, you can view expected and actual water flow in your various supply zones, either in real-time or historically.

Water Alert notifies you of incidents in your network at an early stage, through a visual and efficient troubleshooting map interface. This allows you to uncover and repair leaks and water losses quickly and efficiently. 

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Powel Water Alert - developed in coorperation with Microsoft