Powel UtilityFlow is a solution for handling processes dealing with administration, planning, and performing work in the field. The solution handles the administrative work throughout the whole process, from the moment a case first appears in a customer portal - all the way to completion and invoicing. 

UtilityFlow consists of a web application for use by administrative personnel and project managers in the office, as well as a mobile app for use in the field. In the web application, cases are generated and processed. Work orders can be turned into cases and resources are prioritised in a planning table. When the work order is ready and resources are allocated, the work order is sent to the mobile app for the field worker to carry out the work. 

The solution has workflow functionality for administration, planning, work order and final inspection. The workflow can be changed for each installation and as such adapted to the needs of individual companies. 

Check lists and forms can be defined in a flexible “form designer”. This makes it possible to add different forms to cases and workorders and ensure these are filled in over the course of the project or work order. Forms and check lists can be filled in either on PC or through a mobile app. 

The solution offers potential for improvement compared to traditional and more manual methods of handling administration and work orders, for example: 

Increased customer satisfaction through better solutions for self-service and customer communication.
A standard web portal ensures self-service and customer dialogue. The portal is closely integrated with administration in UtilityFlow and enables efficient handling of cases in close dialogue with the customer. Attachments, such as maps, property boundaries, and others can be added to the portal by the customer. Tender letters or compliance statements can be added and made available to the customers. 

Tasks and projects executed at higher quality levels
By using Powel UtilityFlow’s process flow and checklist structure, you ensure that all cases are handled in the same way and that no required activities are left out. 

Better administrative processes and shorter completion time
All cases are handled through pre-defined process steps. It is easy to get an overview over all initiated, begun and completed cases. Through different dashboards for user roles, you can easily see the progress of projects in a visual interface. This ensures that the process is not being left uncompleted for too long and that necessary information is gathered in the best possible way. 

Reduced time spent on paperwork and better use of resources:
Powel UtilityFlow can contribute to the simplification of a number of administrative processes. Activities are generated automatically as and when a case moves to the different steps of the process and the system will assist in ensuring that activities are performed at the right time, by the right person. 

User-friendly solution with efficient communication flow between user interface and user
Powel UtilityFlow has a modern and user-friendly interface that transmits advanced technical information and data to users. The system also has a range of standard graphical representations presented in a simple and visual way, ensuring overview and control. 

Reduced need for manual tasks and seamless integration with other systems:
The system enables a range of integration within various systems, reducing the need for manual tasks. 

The system has an access structure that ensures access to information only to those that need it. This can be controlled on different levels and adjusted to a number of roles. As standard, three different roles are defined. Access to information and rights to change data in the system is different for these three roles. Additionally, you can define organisational units. Being registered in an organisational unit means you only have access to data owned by this organisational unit. Thus, access to data between various units within the organisation can be segmented. 

Platform and method of delivery

Powel UtilityFlow is developed on Microsoft’s standard business system platform Dynamics 365. The solution is delivered as a “Managed Solution” with single sign-on (SSO) on Microsoft Dynamics 365. This means that if you already have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Powel UtilityFlow is installed and made available for use on the same platform you already have access to. The same passwords and user administration tools already in use can also be used for UtilityFlow. 

The platform is operated and maintained by Microsoft. Data and systems are stored in Microsoft’s data centre in Ireland, thereby ensuring all relevant EU regulations are adhered to. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive platform with a wide range of functionality. Powel UtilityFlow uses the Field Service and Customer Service modules. A range of other modules are also available through the platform and can also be delivered.