Powel PunchMaster – supporting all required steps of your quality inspection

The Powel PunchMaster is a cloud-based solution that can be used both in the office and out in the field. It is based on a standardised and proven project methodology, where a deviation is referred to as a “punch” and is followed up in a “punch follow-up” structure. It supports the administrative process of setting up structures for projects and inspections, the defining of checklists, staffing projects according to areas of expertise, and the actual inspection process itself. 

The mobile app allows for simple step-by-step quality inspections from a mobile phone or tablet in the field, with the option of adding comments and photos. An off-line functionality ensures that records are automatically synced when you are back online. 

The desktop administrative tool offers different dashboards for different roles in the organisation and makes it easy for users to follow status of inspections and to close punches. 

Key features: 

The solution utilises the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with the field service module. The 365 platform helps speed up development with a new generation of tools and methods. Much of the functionality in the solution utilises existing functionality in the platform. Extensive configuration combined with a few custom-made plug-ins make up the complete solution. 


Powel PunchMaster makes your working day more efficient by simplifying tasks and lessening your workload
- whilst still ensuring high quality inspections.