Powel Dashboard Template for ArcGIS

By visualising your data in a dashboard, you get a clearer overview of ever-increasing amounts of data. Powel Dashboard Template is a tool that you effortlessly configure against your datasets. Download the template, configure the application, and get a better insight into your data.

The template allows you to build streamlined dashboards directly from ArcGIS Online web maps. With the map as your starting point, you build your dashboard according to your wants and needs. Consider your working processes then choose your data, and how you would like them to appear.

By lifting the information out of your IT-systems and into a dashboard, you get more out of your data. Powel Dashboard Template is the framework that allows you to gain an overview of your data in the manner you would like them presented. These choices facilitate good analysis of your data.

In principle, the template can be used to visualise all types of data, as long as there is a geographical point of reference attached. If you have large amounts of data that you would like to gain a better overview of, then Powel Dashboard Template will be beneficial for your business.

In Powel Dashboard Template, you choose which data sets you want to import. All objects have a set of properties and you choose how to filtrate these. 

The dashboard shows the information you pull out from your systems, both in map and as appropriate presentation tools such as diagrams and graphs. The dashboard is dynamic with an interactive relationship between map and presentation tool. Click an object in the map and the graph will at all times show the analysis of the objects present in the map.

Key functionalities: 

Powel Dashboard Template is cloud based and found in ArcGIS Online. The solution does not require installation, and upgrades, changes and error corrections are done automatically. A yearly organisational subscription ensures that you avoid unforeseen costs. 

Powel Dashboard Template - a simpler way of analysing your data

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