Powel Algo Trader

Powel Algo Trader (PAT) is a complete algorithmic trading platform with a white box approach. It lets you trade on EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool and other markets with open API’s. It enables rapid design, testing, deployment and refinement of your unique trading strategies.

The software platform utilises algorithms to assist traders in making high-speed decisions and transactions in the rapidly changing intraday markets. It effectively runs your strategy for you, meaning you can put your effort and concentration into designing strategies and leave the execution of trades to the application. 

Based on a white box approach, PAT is developed with a strong focus on the user’s ability to differentiate from other algos in the market by full access to the back end. In addition, PAT comes with a set of pre-defined strategies and out of the box functionality that can be utilised directly or be amended to fit your trading needs (including balancing strategies, spec trading strategies and flexible asset optimisation). All types of input data, timeseries and forecasts, can be used as input to a personalised trading strategy.

It has a user-friendly interface with features like back testing, market rule cofiguration and live supervision. The application connects directly to the markets, allowing you to implement your strategy in live mode and monitor your portfolio in real-time. The user interface is designed to give you the control- and decision support you need for optimal results. 

PAT is a SaaS solution with a quarterly subscription fee. 

Download the Powel Algo Trader factsheet here or send us an e-mail for more information. 

Powel Algo Trader - Automated energy trading made easy 


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