Big Data Manager (BDM) - the efficient way of handling data

The planning of power resources depends on measured data and forecasts. Technological development enables us to measure more and more data, and retrieve large amounts of information. With this information, better forecasts leading to better decisions can be made.

However, we must be able to handle the increasing amount of data - both collecting and storing data, and of course finding the right data whenever needed.

Big Data Manager simplifies and streamlines all data handling - storage, search, calculations and reports. We can always be sure that fresh and high quality data is the base for all decisions.

When data handling is improved, time spent on operations in the system is decreased. Time saved can be used for analytical tasks and value adding work!

Advantages with BDM:

All solutions and operations that involves data exchange with the database will be more efficient and consistent. The object-oriented model will be beneficial in actions involving data retrieval, calculations and data storage.

Big Data Manager - the efficient way of handling data.