2018 – EU’s Horizon 2020 has awarded the +CityxChange project a grant worth 22 million Euros as a Smart City lighthouse project. Powel is a partner in the consortium, which over the next five years will develop a series of demonstration projects on how to become “smart positive energy cities”.  

2018 – Powel employs Trond Straume as new Chief Executive Officer. Straume has broad Nordic and international experience. He comes to Powel from the role as CTO at British company AVEVA.

2017 – Powel receives funding for two projects from The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway under the programmes ENERGIX and Pilot-E. Both projects will run for three years and will contribute to digitalisation and the green shift in the energy sector. 

2017 – Germany becomes the eight country where Powel has an office. The office in Düsseldorf will support Powel’s rapidly expanding German business.  

2017 – Fornybarklyngen (The Renewable Cluster) is established by a number of private and public partners, including Powel. Based in the region of Trøndelag, it has customers and partners both nationally and internationally. 

2015 – Fibre infrastructure becomes another targeted focus area for Powel’s infrastructure solutions. A partnership with American 3-GIS is established, meaning Powel has an extremely powerful platform for documentation, planning and asset management specifically aimed at fibre.

2015 – Powel is awarded NOK 15 million from Innovation Norway to develop next generation water- and wastewater IT solutions. The amount is one of the largest allocation to a company in Norway’s Trøndelag region during the last few years. The project is set to run for three years.

2015 – Powel becomes a Managed ISV Partner with Microsoft, achieving the closest form of strategic partnership available between Microsoft and software developers. By using the cloud platform Microsoft Azure, Powel will be able to offer their customers new solutions that are more flexible, relevant and available. 

2015 – Powel is invited by Vattenfall to participate in Horizon 2020, the EU’s largest research- and development project ever. Powel’s distribution management system iAM DMS will be used at the UPGRID project’s demonstration site in Sweden.   

2014 – Forskningsrådet (The Research Council of Norway)’s ENERGIX programme provides research funding for Powel’s project “Optimal planning in a multi power market”.

2014 – Geogroup, owner of Norwegian Geodata, purchases the Danish Esri-distributor Informi GIS, who Powel enters into partnership with. The deal sees Powel well positioned to strengthen the value of Esri technology in the Nordics.

2014 – The company MeterTech is established, with Powel as a part owner. The company consist of technicians skilled at installations, maintenance and control of meters, and will work operatively with meters and related software.

2014 – Powel enters into strategic agreement with Validér, creating Norway’s largest platform for the handling of smart meters.  

2014 – Acquisition of Citec AS, supplier of the software solution ProAdm significantly strengthens Powel’s position within the contracting sector in Norway.

2014 – Powel opens its first South American office, in Chile’s capital Santiago.

2014 – Powel opens its first Polish office in Gdansk, a city that has been growing as a major ICT hub.

2014 – Norwegian company Cascade is acquired by Powel. Cascade delivers technical support systems for grid operators, including the widely used solution OpenNIS.

2013 – Powel buys Swiss company Delta Energy Solutions, a market-leading supplier of software and services for energy companies.

2013 – Acquisition of Swedish company Optimization Partner. The purchase strengthens Powel’s portfolio of optimisation solutions, in line with our strategy to deliver market leading optimisation solutions for our customers.

2013 – Powel opens an office in Istanbul, Turkey.

2012 –  Powel purchases Datamann AS, supplier of software for fire- and chimney sweeping services, as well as web- and booking solutions for a variety of businesses. The acquisition strengthens Powel’s position within local government operations in Norway. 

2012 – A subsidiary is established in Denmark, and Powel opens an office in Odense.

2011 – Powel enters into a strategic partnership with Geodata, and becomes the distributor of ESRI solution to municipalities in Norway.

2011 – Powel acquires Elsmart, a company specialising in systems offering effective messaging between installer and grid operators. This acquisition completes Powel’s existing offerings in the energy market.

2010 – Swedish company Taxber becomes part of Powel. Taxber develops systems for electricity and district heating companies. For customers, this means that they now only need one supplier for several processes.

2006 – Powel Gemini merges with Powel.

2006 – During 2005, Powel acquires all shares in Swedish company Tuben Teknik, and in early 2006, the companies merge. This further strengthens Powel’s market position within the field of Automatic Meter Management.

2000 – Powel purchases AVIT AS from Asplan Viak IT, and with that the Gemini solutions. Under the company name Powel Gemini AS, Powel expands its customer base and product portfolio within municipalities, infrastructure and contractors.

1997 – A subsidiary of Powel is established in Sweden and the first Swedish office is set up in Jönköping.

1996 – Powel is established in Trondheim as a spin-off from the Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute (EFI), part of the SINTEF Group.